Solvent Extraction is a cost efficient method for recovery of oil from oil bearing material. It is a continuous Process that uses edible grade hexane as a solvent.

MECPRO has vast experience in extracting oil from Oil Seeds and Oil Bearing Materials, using both Solvent Method and Mechanical method using expeller.

  • Mustard seed, Castor seed, Groundnut seed, Linseed, Olive seed, Soya bean seed, Cotton seed, Sunflower seed, Rapeseed, Palm kernel, Chia seed, Shea nut, Ille Nut, Mango Kernel, Sal seed, Rice Bran and any other Oil Bearing Material.

Mecpro owns several patents in the areas of Oil and fats, Oleo-chemicals and Surfactants

    • To minimize the utility consumption as well as to improve the quality of both product and by-product.
    • Uninterrupted continuous operation using design improvement and metallurgy.
    • To enhance the productivity and consistency in the process logical control.
    • Using azeotropic separation at lower temperature specifically below the condensing temperature.
    • Thermodynamic cooling system to reduce the PPM level of Solvent in oil and improved Bleach-ability.
    • Closed vent air Purification to reduce hexane loss and increase environmental friendliness.
    • Self-cleaning Miscella filtration with filter cloth for better quality of oil.
    • Improving equipment’s life & Reducing Maintenance cost.
    • Eliminating Protein degraded Product.
    • Reduced steam consumption using condensate steam as a heating media in the distillation.
    • Increased heat transfer co- efficient using efficient condensate separation.
    • Vacuum breaking System to prevent vacuum effect in the process pump.
    • Increased percolation and penetration area in the extraction.
    • Floods spray control system to minimize flooding in the extractor.